Hi, my name is Sean Lailvaux. I know, my surname is difficult to pronounce. It's French-Mauritian, if that helps. I'm from a little surfing city called Durban, in South Africa (nope, I don't surf) and moved to London in 2005. I love technology, have a penchant for craft beer and most people think I'm quite friendly.

I've been a web developer for over 7 years and mobile developer for the past 2 years... once upon a time I was even a designer in a newspaper.

I love neat, well formatted code... really. It says a lot without even reading it. A good developer is an efficient, responsible and accountable developer.

I believe the most important part of developing anything is the last 10%, yet it's often forgotten or avoided for a number of reasons. Adding a good amount of polish, little gems of interaction feedback, slight UI effects, etc. makes a huge difference and users end up exploring and wanting more.

In my spare time I have been tinkering with mobile gaming. Having developed Memoria last year, I am now building a second game, this time with Unity3D. The added bonus is that I get to play around with Unity and C#.

Other than that, I used to jump out of planes for fun... but I broke most of the bones in my body so I now prefer to stay on the ground.

You can follow me on twitter at @seanlail.